20th Mar 2019

Homeschoolers who Recycle

This week we celebrated Global Recycling Day, and we thought it would be interesting to share what our homeschooling community does to help the planet!

21st Nov 2018

10 Tips For Reading With Your Child

Most of us interested in children and their education are used to using books to help with their learning, whether it’s Oxford Reading Tree books to help with reading or CGP books for workbooks and practice papers. What is harder to encourage, is that elusive ‘reading for pleasure’. And it is really when children read for the sheer enjoyment, that they benefit from the other elements such as increased empathy, improved wellbeing and lower levels of stress and anxiety.

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3rd Nov 2016

National Citizen Service – UK

National Citizen Service (in the UK) is ideal for homeschoolers who may need to build up their self esteem or simply have an exciting experience. The NCS programme involves fun team-building activities and is also a great way to earn UCAS points!

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3rd May 2016

Homeschool Foreign Language

For a variety of reasons, in recent years, public and private schools have been preparing to remove some language courses from their curriculum. As a result, we are seeing more families turning to Wolsey Hall for homeschool foreign language courses sometimes alongside subjects studied at traditional school.

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14th Jul 2015

Homeschool Maths – What use is Maths?

Homeschool maths courses, whether that be primary, secondary or IGCSE, are the most popular courses taken by our students here at Wolsey Hall Oxford. We recently came across this article, which asks, “When will I use Math?”and thought it might be of interest to all our homeschool maths students!

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27th Mar 2015

Effective Learning

The science of effective learning is a much discussed topic and very relevant to what we do here at Wolsey Hall Oxford.


1st Feb 2013

Education For Life

Education for life is a term that is often heard but what does it really mean? To focus solely on students' exam results is obviously to miss a trick: surely, as educators, we should also be looking for ways to cultivate these essential qualities of character and provide an education for life.