Choosing Your Lower Secondary Level Subjects

  • English National Curriculum core subjects are: English, Maths and Science. Other subjects taken at this stage would normally include Geography, History, Art and Design, Computing, Skills For Life and a Modern Foreign Language.
  • Children may enrol at Wolsey Hall for any number or combination of subjects.
  • Subjects offered by Wolsey Hall are: English, English as a Second Language, French, Geography, German, History, Maths, Science, Skills For Life, Spanish and Art and Design.
  • To determine subject options, families should consider which subjects they might want their children to study at IGCSE Level.
  • Wolsey Hall expects children will require approximately 150 hours for each year’s course in English, Maths and Science and 100 hours for other subjects, apart from Art and Design and Skills for Life which due to the nature of the course require less hours of study – approximately 55 hours for each course. You will also need to factor in the time needed for preparation of each assignment. The hours will be more or less depending on your child’s ability as a learner.
  • Wolsey Hall has designed each “year” of its Lower Secondary courses to be taken over 9 months, and for a full Lower Secondary course to be completed within 3 years. Children may take up to 12 months for each “year” of a Lower Secondary course if they wish.
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Top Tips from Coumba on Choosing your Lower Secondary Subjects

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