Our Guide to Course Levels

Please use the table below to find the suitable level of Wolsey Hall course for your child.

Note that at Wolsey Hall we believe that children should study at the level best suited to the stage they have reached in their studies, rather than their age.  For example if your child is gifted in a subject, they may be able to start a Wolsey Hall course a year or so ahead of what their school grade might suggest. Similarly, if your child needs extra support in a particular subject we may recommend they start a course at a lower level. This will help your child to set securely in place the knowledge and understanding they’ll need to proceed to the next level.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

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Guide to UK Education System

A Guide to South African School Grades in Comparison to the Wolsey Hall Courses

Please note, these equivalents should be taken as a rough guide only as it will depend on a number of factors including which curriculum your child has previously been following. We offer a number of ‘Grade Ready’ Tests to help determine which level your child should be enrolling on.


South African School Grade

Wolsey Hall Equivalent Course Level

Grade 3

Primary Year 2 

Grade 4

Primary Year 3

Grade 5

Primary Year 4

Grade 6

Primary Year 5

Grade 7

Primary Year 6

Grade 8/9

Secondary Year 7

Grade 9/10

Secondary Year 8

Grade 10/11

Secondary Year 9

Grade 11/12


Grade 12

AS Level

Grade 13

A Level

Applying For A Course

You may apply for a  homeschooling course online with Wolsey Hall at any time of the year.

The majority of the Wolsey Hall Oxford IGCSE and A Level courses follow the Cambridge International Exam boards which are welcomed at Universities worldwide.

If you would like further information or advice before applying, please submit our Contact form.

Our phone number is 0800 622 6599 (UK) or +44 (0) 1865 988 307 internationally.

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