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4th Aug 2022

School refusal anxiety and homeschooling

School phobia anxiety – also referred to as school refusal anxiety – is an increasing affliction. Before the pandemic, it was already a growing concern, but the impact of Covid-19 seems to have exacerbated children’s desire not to attend school.

22nd Jun 2022

Identifying the signs of anxiety in children – and how to help

Identifying the signs of anxiety in children is not always a straightforward task. While a certain amount of stress and anxiety is a normal part of life, if you notice that your child doesn’t seem


2nd Mar 2018

Volunteering in Mauritius

South African student, Reine, is age 12 and studying Year 7 Key Stage 3 (Secondary Level) with Wolsey Hall Oxford whilst homeschooling in Mauritius.


18th Oct 2013

Dyslexia Support

Home education can be particularly effective for dyslexic learners - especially if paired with a distance learning provider, who can offer caring dyslexia support and experienced Tutors