2nd Jul 2020

Homeschooling an Only Child

Every family researching home education has to weigh up the pros and cons but if you are planning on homeschooling an only child, you may be extra cautious about how your child will adapt. However, there are many benefits to homeschooling an only child!

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5th Jun 2020

Homeschooling On A Boat

Jaden (12, 13 in one month) and Amber (11) Haynes, both studying Secondary Level with Wolsey Hall Oxford, live on board the tallship Florette with their parents Rony and Nicole. They own and sail the ship and charter trips by the Eolian Islands, Italy, each summer. In November 2019, after many years of planning and preparations, they made their dream come true and sailed Florette across the Atlantic to Grenada in the Caribbean.

11th Mar 2020

Homeschooling and Mental Health

In a recent survey of families home educating their children with Wolsey Hall Oxford we asked about the effect of homeschooling and mental health. Over 85% have reported an improvement in their children’s mental health since they began learning at home.


24th Aug 2019

A Student Letter to Wolsey Hall

Student Ruan, homeschooling in South Africa sent us a letter to express how he was finding homeschooling with Wolsey Hall Oxford.

24th May 2019

How Does Homeschooling Affect Children

There’s the common myth that homeschooling produces children who don’t know how to socialise, follow any educational curriculum or gain qualifications. But this couldn’t be further from the truth with our students at Wolsey Hall.


20th Mar 2019

Homeschoolers who Recycle

This week we celebrated Global Recycling Day, and we thought it would be interesting to share what our homeschooling community does to help the planet!

15th Mar 2019

Homeschooling in Namibia

Maribeth, age 14 is studying at Lower Secondary Level, whilst homeschooling in Namibia. She has been participating in inter-school horse riding shows in Namibia, representing her online homeschooling college, Wolsey Hall Oxford.

22nd Nov 2018

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award

Shao Yuan Lin (also known as Victor) is homeschooling with Wolsey Hall Oxford in Hong Kong, China. He just attended the prestigious ceremony to receive his Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award for his amazing 95% grade achievement in AS Level Maths!

More Excellent Homeschooling Results

At Wolsey Hall Oxford we love hearing about the exam successes of our students. Here we share the results of three of our students, one from the UK, one homeschooling in Saudi Arabia and one currently living in Egypt showing it really is possible to achieve incredible results with Wolsey Hall wherever in the world you live!

8th Nov 2018

Homeschooling in Gauteng

Wolsey Hall student Charlotte Stuart, an equestrian show jumper homeschooling in Gauteng, used the British Council of South Africa to take her IGCSE and A Level exams.