Higher learning potential

Ethan’s Story

The flexibility of homeschooling means nine-year-old Ethan is already studying Year 7 and Year 8 courses with Wolsey Hall Oxford. His parents decided to switch to homeschooling to accommodate his higher learning potential.

“The Spanish educational system wasn’t allowed to help Ethan in his capacity at that very time and he was ‘pulling his hair out’ with boredom during classes,” explains Ethan’s parents, Steve and Tatiana. “At the same time, the pandemic helped us to make our decision with homeschooling. After a lot of research, we decided that Wolsey Hall was the best option for Ethan’s needs.”

Wolsey Hall Oxford supports students of all ages with higher learning potential.

Gifted homeschooling

Recognising his abilities

“We realised at age two that he could do simple maths, read simple sentences in English, Russian and Chinese, and that being parents we learned to adapt to all these challenges his higher learning potential posed.”

Ethan studies English, Maths and Science with Wolsey Hall alongside his other learning. “Homeschooling fits in wonderfully well with all the additional subjects that Ethan takes on. Every subject is allocated its own time according to his timetable, which also includes Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Computer Coding, sports activities, and Capoeira. He loves homeschooling. After he’s finished his learning for the day, he usually ventures down to the beach for a swim. He also enjoys creating stop motion animations, making LEGO builds, cooking and reading.”

His love of performing

Ethan is also an accomplished pianist. He began playing four years ago and his parents realised he was talented so for the last 12 months he has been practising piano for three hours a day, six days a week. He frequently performs at concerts and private parties, playing a mix of music from famous composers including Bach, Mozart, Chopin and Tchaikovsky. He’s also started to learn the guitar.

“Since he was three years old, Ethan’s goal is to attend Cambridge University. He wants to be a scientist, possibly studying genes to improve the conditions of human life and easily cure diseases.”

Gifted homeschooler

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