Homeschooler in Saudi Arabia

Fourteen-year-old Ayaan is a homeschooler in Saudi Arabia, having joined Wolsey Hall in September 2022. He has recently taken nine IGCSE exams whilst pursuing his go-karting career in Bahrain. The flexibility offered by Wolsey Hall enabled Ayaan to pursue his academic and sporting ambitions simultaneously.

Ayaan explains, “I chose to study with Wolsey Hall as it offered a more flexible approach to studying and allowed me to undertake my IGCSEs based on my academic ability and not on my age, something that I would not have been able to do in a traditional school environment.”

“I am a go-kart driver, dreaming to drive at the pinnacle of motorsport and the flexibility that Wolsey Hall provides allows me to practice as much as possible, something which would not be possible with most education providers (traditional or otherwise).”

Studying online in Ireland

The flexibility of Wolsey Hall Oxford’s courses are ideal for young sports people.

Go-karting success

Ayaan began his racing career in the UK before moving to Saudi Arabia in 2021. Here he explains how his career progressed:

“It took time to settle (in Saudi Arabia). I joined my first professional kart team in July 2022. I joined the Forza Bahrain Racing team in July 2023, where I am currently preparing for the upcoming Bahrain Rotax Max Championship (BRMC) under my mentor Nagashi Rashdan, who is a multi-time BRMC champion! He has been instrumental in helping me improve my driving style. “

“This year I have also been competing in SWS Junior Championship in Riyadh, I am particularly proud of my 2 podium places I achieved during the season. It may not seem a lot, but I was competing at a track with experienced drivers, whereas the only practice I used to have was in the actual qualifying and race rounds! To be able to set competitive lap times and battle with the other talented drivers gave me confidence in my ability.”

“I am now looking forward to my first year in the Bahrain Rotax Max Championship as a senior driver which starts in December. It is certainly my biggest challenge in my racing career. We will see what the future holds!”

Homeschooler in Saudi Arabia
Ayaan who is a homeschooler in Saudi Arabia

What does a typical day look like?

“I had decided to study nine IGCSE subjects, for which I created a study timetable from the resources and advice initially provided by Wolsey Hall. Therefore, a typical homeschool day would mean waking up at 7am. I would ride 10km on my exercise bike and do all my strength training exercises before starting my studying at 8am.”

“I study the planned subjects for that particular day, and if an assignment is due, put more focus on that subject. I finish at around 2:30pm as I need to get ready to go to practice.”

“Practice is actually in a different country, Bahrain! I travel from where I live in the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia across the Causeway bridge that joins the two countries and head towards the Bahrain International Karting Circuit. Practice is from 4pm to 7pm after which we travel back home. If I have an assignment due, I may study for a while before bedtime.”

Benefits of homeschooling

“As most home learners are aware, a vibrant home learning environment will open vast opportunities, meeting people from all different backgrounds and cultures. I have made friends from all over the world, from Argentina, Venezuela, Egypt, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and many more! My experiences have been so great, and it is due to being home educated.

“Studying in a school environment, I feel limits your ability to work at your own pace, if you are an able student, you may not be challenged enough, if you need that little bit of extra help, you may not get that time from the teacher. Education is geared towards the whole class and not for the needs of the individual student.

“One reason for choosing Wolsey Hall was that my subject tutors as well as my Student Progress Manager would always be at hand to provide help and support as and when needed. This flexibility allowed me to concentrate on both my academic studies and sporting activities without having to compromise one for the other.”

Homeschooling in Saudi Arabia
Homeschooler in Saudi Arabia

Future ambitions

Whilst Ayaan is committed to his career as a go-kart driver, he still has high academic ambitions.

“I am extremely proud of myself that at the age of 14, I have sat my IGCSE exams early. Being a part of Wolsey Hall had allowed me to achieve my greatest accomplishment to date, something I am certain that would not be possible in a school environment. I would like to study Mathematics at University, but I am focused in keeping all my options open.”

“I would highly recommend studying with Wolsey Hall Oxford. The subject tutors are always ready to answer any questions and provide useful advice on how to approach the assignments and exams. This is all overseen by the assigned Student Progress Manager (SPM). My SPM, Jules was so supportive throughout the year, checked my progress, when I needed extra support etc, so that you never feel that you are left on your own. The flexibility allows you to fit studying around your practice schedule, and allows you to study at a pace that suits you.”

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