Why Study A Level Politics?

Politics underpins the ever-changing society in which we live. As part of your A Level Politics course, you will examine the role politics plays in current local, national, and global issues, as well as studying key thinkers and political ideas. You will explore how people engage in the political process and will develop an understanding of contemporary political structures and issues within their historical contexts. You will learn how politics has changed over time and how political ideas, institutions and processes interrelate. You will examine the influences and interests which have an impact on decisions in government and learn more about how different electoral systems work and what factors influence these.

Studying A Level Politics will allow you to develop your analytical, interpretive and evaluative skills and teach you to develop and support independent arguments in your essays. It complements A Levels in History, Economics, English Literature, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy and Classical Studies, providing an important foundation for any degree or career involving communication, research and analytical skills.

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A Level Course Information

What do I Need to Know to Enrol?

No prior knowledge of Politics is required to embark on the AS or A Level course.

However, due to essay-writing component of this subject, a minimum of a Grade B in either IGCSE/GCSE English Language, English Literature or History is required before starting on the AS or A Level.

All Wolsey Hall A level students are also required to have IGCSE English Language and Maths at Grade C/4 or above.

A Level Entry Requirements

The Syllabus and Exam

This course is available to both UK and International students.

Our course will prepare you for the standalone AS qualification: Edexcel AS syllabus 8PL0 or the full A Level Edexcel qualification: syllabus 9PL0. Exams take place in May and June.

For the standalone AS Politics, you will sit the following 2 papers in the same exam series:

Paper 1: UK Politics (code 8PL0/01) is worth 50% of the overall AS grade. Length: 1 hour and 45 minutes Paper 2: UK Government (code 8PL0/02) is worth 50% of the overall AS grade. Length: 1 hour and 45 minutes

For the full A Level Politics, you will sit the following 3 papers in the same exam series: Paper 1: UK Politics (code 9PL0/01) is worth 33.3% of the overall A Level grade. Length: 2 hours Paper 2: UK Government (code 9PL0/02) is worth 33.3% of the overall A Level grade. Length: 2 hours Paper 3: Comparative Politics (code 9PL0/3B*) is worth 33.3% of the overall A Level grade. Length: 2 hours

*Students studying with us will study the following option for Paper 3: Global Politics.

We can provide details of exam centres that are most convenient to your location.

Course Fee

The fee for Edexcel AS Politics standalone is £475 via instalments. There is a discount of 5% for payment in full reducing the fee to £451. The course is valid for both UK and international students wishing to be examined in 2018 onwards for an AS-only qualification.

For the full A Level Politics the fee is £795 by instalments, or £755 for payment in full. First exams in May/June 2019.

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AS/A Level Fees Calculator

Meet Our A Level Politics Tutor

  • Juliet Ingram

    If you want to be able to make sense of our world, you will be well equipped to do so with the knowledge, theories and evaluative skills that history and politics teach you.

    BA, MA, PhD, PGCE Subject: History, Politics View Profile
  • Alan Carter

    It is a privilege to work with students from around the world, as they bring some of their own perspectives to bear upon political ideas and global politics in particular.

    BA Subject: Politics View Profile

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