Courses Can be Started at any Time of the Year

Wolsey Hall has designed its Lower Secondary homeschooling courses (Years 7, 8 and 9 in the UK – typically ages 11-13) so that each “Year” takes 9 months, the equivalent of “an academic year”. We believe this suits the capabilities of most young people being homeschooled. It also enables them to start studying for their IGCSEs a little earlier than the norm. At Lower Secondary, all children are expected to study three core subjects: Mathematics, English and Science. In addition, children should also choose to study a range of other subjects that they enjoy in order to experience a broad and balanced curriculum. 

If you plan to apply but are uncertain as to the most suitable level at which your child should begin, we offer Pretests for each level in English and Maths.  Year 7 Science assumes no prior knowledge, but there are Science Pretests for Years 8 and 9.

We provide progress reports for all subjects at the end of Year 9 and for English, Maths and Science also at the end of Years 7 and 8.

Find out more about choosing your Lower Secondary subjects and why studying Lower Secondary subjects is important.

Our handy guide will explain more about the transition from Primary to Lower Secondary.


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Gemma Langley Talks About Her Role as a Tutor

Veronica Williams - Homeschooling Parent, Malaysia

I appreciate the fact that the needs of my childrens’ learning experience are a priority at Wolsey Hall. The course materials are well designed; staff are committed to homeschooling and my children can study at a pace which suits them.

Catherine Merryweather - Homeschooling Parent, UK

Lucy is really enjoying the Year 9 courses, they really suit her and she’s learning how to use the material and tutor feedback to best advantage. It’s great timing that she’s having this year to get used to this new way of working before starting the IGCSE courses (never mind the fortuitous timing regarding the global pandemic!).
So much better than “ordinary school“, much bigger focus on learning and less on testing. I hated all the testing to give the school data for Ofsted and league tables, not in the children’s best interests at all! All she ever got was a score, no chance to learn from her mistakes which is all part of the assignment process at Wolsey Hall. We’ll definitely be signing up for IGCSE’s with Wolsey Hall.

Dr Rose Haque, Homeschooling Parent, Malaysia

I compared several homeschooling providers and decided on Wolsey Hall Oxford because I felt confident about the help and care my daughter Aeshya would receive. The support we receive is excellent, and the Tutors are very patient. I would recommend Wolsey Hall to parents who care, not only about grades, but about the study experience as a whole. Students receive the respect they deserve and they get the encouragement to move forward despite sometimes having difficulties.

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