15th May 2019

Reasons to Homeschool

The benefits of homeschooling can far outweigh any initial concerns but it’s still a big step to take. Here’s the top 8 reasons why families at Wolsey Hall choose to homeschool.

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20th Mar 2019

Homeschoolers who Recycle

This week we celebrated Global Recycling Day, and we thought it would be interesting to share what our homeschooling community does to help the planet!

15th Mar 2019

Homeschooling in Namibia

Maribeth, age 14 is studying at Lower Secondary Level, whilst homeschooling in Namibia. She has been participating in inter-school horse riding shows in Namibia, representing her online homeschooling college, Wolsey Hall Oxford.

28th Feb 2019

Cambridge Assessment International Education Online School

We are delighted to announce that Cambridge Assessment International Education has approved Wolsey Hall Oxford as a “virtual school”. As one of the world’s most experienced homeschooling and home study providers, we offer online Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International A Level programmes to students worldwide.

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Nelson Mandela BBC ICONS Leaders Winner

One of the most inspirational men of the 20th Century (and a former student of Wolsey Hall), Nelson Mandela, was recently voted the Leaders Winner in the BBC ICONS series.

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30th Jan 2019

Why Do People Homeschool?

Parents choose to homeschool for a variety of reasons but very often it’s because they want to have more control and influence over what their child learns and how they learn.

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Lack of Sleep in Teens

Sleep experts have recently warned of a sleep deprivation epidemic among schoolchildren which is affecting their wellbeing and mental health. Educational authorities are being urged to alter school hours so pupils can stay in bed longer. Getting too little sleep is linked to poor educational results, anxiety and obesity. Lack of sleep in teens is particularly relevant as their natural sleep cycle changes in adolescence meaning their bodies need to go to sleep two hours later and wake later in the morning.

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17th Jan 2019

Famous Homeschoolers

Famous homeschoolers is a topic close to our heart. Nelson Mandela was one of our past students who studied for his Law degree whilst in Robben Island Jail. This got us thinking about how many other famous homeschoolers there might be. The answer is a lot and there are many famous homeschoolers from across the world who have achieved great things.

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12th Dec 2018

Homeschooling Myths

Homeschooling figures continue to rise but ask any homeschooling family and they’ll tell you about the many homeschooling myths surrounding their educational choices.

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22nd Nov 2018

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award

Shao Yuan Lin (also known as Victor) is homeschooling with Wolsey Hall Oxford in Hong Kong, China. He just attended the prestigious ceremony to receive his Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award for his amazing 95% grade achievement in AS Level Maths!

More Excellent Homeschooling Results

At Wolsey Hall Oxford we love hearing about the exam successes of our students. Here we share the results of three of our students, one from the UK, one homeschooling in Saudi Arabia and one currently living in Egypt showing it really is possible to achieve incredible results with Wolsey Hall wherever in the world you live!

21st Nov 2018

10 Tips For Reading With Your Child

Most of us interested in children and their education are used to using books to help with their learning, whether it’s Oxford Reading Tree books to help with reading or CGP books for workbooks and practice papers. What is harder to encourage, is that elusive ‘reading for pleasure’. And it is really when children read for the sheer enjoyment, that they benefit from the other elements such as increased empathy, improved wellbeing and lower levels of stress and anxiety.

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